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Shortstop #1 Trailer Mixer Specifications
Model SHORTSTOP #1 ®
General Self contained one cubic yard capacity rotating drum concrete mixer and trailer. The unit is designed to mix concrete, grout, masonry, and refractory products. The Shortstop #1 features a Honda 13 HP gasoline engine, planetary gear reduced hydraulic powered drum with drum tilt cylinder. The drum is equipped with aggressive helix fins and paddles to thoroughly mix all types of materials. The drum tilts to discharge material to forms, buggies, wheelbarrows and more. The Shortstop features simple to operate controls including drum direction, speed, and tilt. The unit is mounted 7,000 lb GVW double axle trailer complete with hydraulic surge brakes and adjustable height coupler. The Shortstop #1 requires a tow vehicle with a minimum 7000# towing capacity, typically a ¾ ton truck.   
Dimensions Length: 14' 10"
Width: 5' 6"
Height: 6' 7"
Weight Empty Weight: Approximately 2,200 lbs.
Loaded Weight: Approximately 5,700-6,300 lbs
Drum 36" diameter spun head with 10 gauge high strength steel rolled to form the conical drum. The drum is fully welded inside and out. One each access panel is provided for access to interior of drum with the approximate dimensions of 22" X 26" oval. A heavy-duty steel track ring fully welded on the rear drum section is provided.
Agitation Exclusive gimbal mounted drive allows the drive to move freely with the drum.  The planetary drive is hub mounted to the drum with 8 each ½” grade 8 bolts for easy service.  The drive unit features a U.S. made 5:1 reduction gear drive directly coupled to a hydraulic motor.  The interface between the hydraulic motor and drive is a spline shaft, no keyway.  Case drain oil from the hydraulic motor lubricates the planetary drive, no special gear oil and no need to check fluid levels in the planetary drive.  An adjustable cross port relief valve is manifold mounted to the hydraulic motor for gear box protection.
Drum Rollers Two each heavy-duty drum rollers with cast iron wheel, re-greasable bearings and dirt seals shall be provided. The grease fittings for the rollers shall be assessable from the rear of the mixer without removal of sheet metal guards. Each roller is equipped with a sheet metal cover to guard pinch points. 
Controls Conveniently located on the driver's side rear is the control panel. The controls consist of directional drum control (agitate, neutral, discharge), drum speed and drum tilt. The controls are simple to operate and feature operational and safety decals.
Engine Honda 13 HP gasoline engine, with recoil start with 50 state EPA approved emissions. Engine shall be complete with on/off switch, factory installed fuel tank and keyed output shaft. The engine shall be equipped with a  turbo air pre-cleaner for operation in dusty environments.
Hydraulic Pump Directly coupled to the Honda engine / gear type hydraulic pump.
Hydraulic Reservoir Fabricated from 1/4" carbon steel complete with filler/strainer/breather, return filter, inlet strainer, valve, sight gauge and baffle. The reservoir has a capacity of approximately 10 US gallons. Hydraulic hoses feature JIC type fittings, (no pipe fittings) and all hoses are secured in vibration proof clamps
Frame The mixer frame is fabricated from 2" X 4" X 1/4" grade A500 structural steel tubing, electrically welded at all joints. The frame is specifically designed for the stresses imposed by agitating ready mixed concrete. Joints are rigidly reinforced with gussets and all tubes are capped and fully welded.
Axels Two each 3,500# axles with leaf type springs are provided. Each axle features a grease fitting on the hub for lubrication.
Wheels White spoke five lug wheels.
Tires Goodyear ST225/75-15
Fenders Heavy-duty  polyethylene bolt on fenders.  Scratch and dent resistant and impervious to U.V. rays.
Brakes Four wheel hydraulic surge brakes with free reverse.
Hitch Adjustable height hitch: simply turn the adjusting handle and the hitch can be adjusted to level the load and for variable hitch heights.  The Shortstop #1 comes standard with a 2-5/16” ball type hitch and a lunette type hitch is also available.  The hitch assembly is complete with safety chains and surge brake safety disconnects cable. 
Lighting Combination (stop/turn/tail) lights are provided on the rear of unit. A license plate holder with light and fender mounted amber clearance lights are provided in accordance with DOT regulations.
Finish The frame is powder coated semi gloss black.  The drum is painted with self etching primer and a two component urethane finish.  Standard colors and black frame with light gray drum.
Parts & Service Ernest Industries carries a complete inventory of parts available for immediate shipment within 24 hours.
Operators Manual One complete operators manual will be supplied with the unit. Serious injury or death could result from the improper use or misuse of the mixer. Questions concerning the operation of Shortstop Mixers can be addressed by calling (937) 325-9851 or email
Tow Vehicle Requires a tow vehicle with a minimum 7,000 lb towing capacity. Verify tow vehicle capacity before operation.
Optional Equipement
EXC1 Export Crating, fully enclosed wooden box crated with  4” wood frame and covered with  7/16 OSB wood.  Frame designed suitable for moving loaded crate with forklift.
OESS1-1 Charging chute to load from wet plant. Easily removable See picture in photo gallery.
OESS1-2 Discontinued see OESS1-14 
OESS1-3 Electric four wheel brakes in lieu of standard hydraulic surge brakes
OESS1-4 Air-cooled  Hatz  10 HP diesel engine with recoil start  in lieu of gasoline engine.
0ESS1-5 LED Lighting package in lieu of standard lighting
OESS1-6 Rear discharge chute, easily removable and adds approximately 48” additional length of discharge and pivots 180 degrees.
OESS1-7 Lunette eye in lieu of 2-5/16 ball hitch
OESS1-8 Spare tire & rim 
OESS1-9 Pre-cast & refractory configuration, less axles, wheels & brakes. Fork lift staves capable of moving mixer loaded with materials to job.
OESS1-12 Rotation Counter, mechanical drum revolution counter .  May be required for municipal and DOT accounts.
OESS1-13 Truck mounted configuration (less axles & wheels) includes frame mounting brackets.