Ernest Industries
Shortstop Blender Specifications
Model SHORTSTOP II Batch Blender ®
General The concrete blender is capable of simultaneously blending two aggregates, cement and water, to produce concrete in most any formulation required. The blender features two separate aggregate hoppers, cement silo, water metering system and add mixture delivery pumping system. Shortstop II is available in either a wet hydrating mix auger or dry belt loading system. The blender is designed for loading mix trailers (Shortstop #1 Trailer Mixers), small concrete ready mix trucks (Shortstop 3.5), pre-cast plants and mobile applications.
Dimensions Approximately
25' long
8' wide
10' tall with conveyor/ auger in up position, excluding cement silo and bag house.
Weight Shipping weight, 12,000 lbs
Production The unit is capable of batching concrete at a rate of 3 minutes per cubic yard with dry belt; and 4 minute per cubic yard with wet hydrating auger.
Hoppers The blender features two separate aggregate hoppers fabricated from 1/4" steel electrically welded at all joints. Each hopper has a volume of approximately eight (8) cubic yards. The approximate dimensions of each hopper is 120" long X 94" wide X 102" loading height. The sides and rear of each hopper is equipped with 18" sloped wing wall fabricated from 1/4" steel and fully welded. The top structural steel tube coming in contact with the loader bucket is 6" X 6" X 1/2" structural steel tubing for extra durability. The hoppers are reinforced internally to prevent bulging and feature a baffle plate to prevent overloading the metering conveyors. Each hopper is equipped with two each electric vibrators, channel mounted to the sloped sided for even material flow.
Conveyor The blender is equipped with three (3) separate conveyors. Two metering conveyors, one each located directly under each aggregate hopper and one feed conveyor located directly under the metering conveyors.

Metering conveyors are slider type conveyors fabricated from structural steel channel and equipped with an adjustable bin-metering gate. The conveyor belt rides on replaceable UMHW wear strips. Each conveyor is powered by a 2 hp gear reduced drive with both automatic and manual controls located at the operators control panel.

The conveyors are attached to the structural steel framework of the blender and not attached to the hopper. Configuration of the conveyors permits replacement of the slider wear belts without access to inside of aggregate hopper.

Each conveyor is equipped with a heavy duty 220 lb, 2 ply 3/8" rubber belt designed specifically for aggregate environment and equipped with snag free lacing. Lagged 10" diameter drive pulley and self cleaning winged tail pulley are standard equipment.  The conveyors further feature heavy-duty take up frames with replaceable pillow block bearings. 
Dry Belt Loading
The blender is equipped with a dry belt loading conveyor capable of delivering metered concrete blend to Shortstop #1 mix trailers and Shortstop 3.5 ready mix trucks.

The dry belt loading conveyor is an 18” wide troughing style roller conveyor.  The unit features a 10” lagged head pulley and 10” self cleaning winged tail pulley. The discharge height of the belt conveyor is adjustable with a hydraulic cylinder.  The g conveyor is fabricated from structural steel channel powered by a 5 hp gear reduced electric motor. The conveyor features troughing style rollers with replaceable bearings and standard flat return rollers. The conveyor is covered with a removable sheet metal guard prevent dust migration during loading.
Electrical System The blender is 240/480 volt three phase powered. The blender requires service with a minimum 80/40 amp continuous draw. Controls for the blender are located in a weatherproof electrical box, all switches and controls are rated for outdoor service. A main electrical disconnect with lock out is provided. Optional rotary phase converter available for site not equipped with three phase electrical service, see optional equipment.
Silo A 220 barrel silo is fabricated from 3/16" and 10 ga material and features a 60 degree conical bottom discharge. The silo is equipped with an inspection cover, pressure relief valve. Four structural steel legs hold the silo on engineered concrete footings. One vibrator is provided near the discharge to insure even flow of cement . A low level indicator is installed in the with warning light located in the main control panel. A 4" diameter steel loading pipe with quick disconnect fitting for loading silo is provided. A 6" diameter dust take off pipe is provided and terminate approximately 60" from grade. The silo is pressure tested and coated with two each primer and finish costs of enamel paint
Bag House A structural steel bag house is provided with a capacity of approximately 150 square feet. The unit features all steel construction with a hinged door for easy service. Located under the bag house is a cleanout door with manual operated gate valve. A manual shaker lever is provided on the outside of the bag house. The bags can be easily serviced and replaced through the hinged door. The inlet of the bag house is 6: diameter steel tubing with a rubber vibration isolation tube interfacing the silo and bag house, PVC pipe and silicon fittings not permitted.
Cement Delivery Auger A 7" diameter cement auger powered by a 5 hp electric motor is provided. The cement auger is rigidly attached to the bottom of the silo and held to a permanent height with a safety chain. The auger is equipped with waste pack seals and re-greaseable bearings to insure long life. Located directly above the auger will be a jam gate for removal of auger for service when silo is burdened with material. The discharge will be equipped with a lay flat hose to keep cement dust to a minimum.
Water System The blender is equipped with a electronic water flow control valve adjustable to obtain multiple slumps of concrete. The blender requires a minimum continuous water pressure of 40 PSI and 5 GPM delivery. Installation of a water holding tank may be necessary when minimums are not achieved, contact Ernest Industries for more information.
Blender Metering &
Control System
The Shortstop II features the exclusive electronic "Control Mix" metering System. Unlike the industry standard timer control the Ernest Industries "Control Mix" system will not vary with changes in ambient temperature, hydraulic oil temperature and aggregate moisture levels.

The unit features a PLC logic control located in the main control panel with LED display and touch pad. The controller is capable of pre-programmed mix designs, i.e., four sack, five sack and grout mix. The controller stores up to 10 different mix designs and is capable of manual programming special mix designs. The controller is capable of varying slumps including  “standard”, “dry” and “wet”. The controller is also capable of introducing a single admixture to the recipe.  

The controller features a calibration mode to quickly calibrate the unit by entering weight of dispensed aggregate, sand and cement after a specified run cycle.The controller is capable of producing concrete in 1/4 yard increments, i.e., 3-1/4 yard.

Controls are located in a weather proof electrical enclosure mounted on the main frame. The control box is equipped with a rain and sun shield to protect the LED readout. All switches are of all weather type and UL approved.
Calibration Calibration of the unit is easily accomplished. A program is provided for calibration, dispensing a small amount of aggregate and cement. The weights of the dispensed amounts are keyed into the control panel and the calibration is complete. A 1' cubic sheet metal box is provided to accurately determine the weight of aggregate by volume.
Paint The complete unit is covered with two each coats of enamel primer and finish coated high gloss white.
Permitting, including any local building or regulatory permits required to erect the concrete blender. Ernest Industries may be of assistance with sample applications. 

Concrete, A poured pad with footings for plant and silo per Ernest supplied drawing. The Ernest supplied drawings are intended as guidelines, local building code may require stamped engineered drawings of footings and pad. 

Mechanicals, Electrical and water to pad per drawings.

Freight: Unless quoted differently, Ernest Industries equipment Is FOB Springfield, Ohio. The customer is responsible for all freight costs to ship equipment. Upon arrival of equipment, customer is responsible for unloading of equipment. Any additional charges for freight resulting from waiting for equipment to be unloaded is the responsibility of customer.

Erection: Plant and silo to be placed on pad, leveled and grouted in place.

Sales Tax: Customer is responsible for payment of any applicable state or local sales tax.
Technical Service A direct factory technician will be provided for a period of three working days to help with final installation and to train personnel in the operation and maintenance of the plant. (Continental United States only)
Operator Manuals Two complete sets of operator manuals will be provided with the blender.
Warranty The Ernest Industries concrete blender will be warranted for a period of one year for workmanship and parts. We are not responsible for consequential damages resulting from the use or misuse of the equipment.
For details see: Terms of Sale and Warranty
Specifications In our continuing effort to improve our equipment, specifications are subject to change without notification.
Optional Equipment
SSIIOE.01 Hydrating Auger in lieu of dry belt conveyer. The hydrating auger shall be provided to deliver ready mix concrete (wet) to the mixer. The hydrating auger will be of sufficient height to load both the Shortstop #1 trailer mixer and Shortstop 3.5 truck mixer.
SSIIOE.02 Swivel Discharge: The dry belt conveyor or hydrating auger shall pivot approximately 25 degrees in each direction staging multiple truck and trailer mixers for loading.
SSIIOE.03 Single Bin: Single aggregate bin in lieu of two, less feeder belt. Hopper metering conveyor drops material directly on dry belt conveyor or hydrating auger.
SSIIOE.04 Rotary Phase Converter: 10 HP rotary phase converter and all controls will be provided for single phase operation of the machine.
SSIIOE.05 Skid Mounted: Blender and Silo skid mounted on heavy-duty "H" beams.
SSIIOE.06 Silo: 8' diameter silo in lieu of 10' diameter. Same 220 barrel capacity but legal load for transport.
SSIIOE.07 Caged ladder and railing on silo.
SSIIOE.08 Pre-caster Configuration: All materials batched by de-accumulating scale system for increased batch accuracy.