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Shortstop 2 Concrete Mixer Specifications
General The unit is a self-contained transit-type drum mixer complete with planetary gear reduced drive, hydraulic drive system powered by self contained gasoline engine, self contained water system for slump control and wash down. Equipped with discharge chutes for placing wet concrete and the unit is capable of agitating and transporting 2.00 cubic yards (1.5 cubic meters) of concrete at a reasonable slump. Operator controls are all electronic situated on the rear of the unit and in chassis cab including; drum speed and direction, water pump and optional hydraulic discharge chute control. The drum is capable of 18 RPM at 2500 engine RPM in both directions.
Dimensions The mixer body has the following dimensions:
OAL: 152” (excluding chutes)
OAW: 81”
OAH: 74”
Weight Approximately 3,000 lbs less water and concrete
Drive 22:1 planetary drive, designed specifically for a transit concrete mixer. The drive unit is heavy-duty cast iron case with hardened planetary gears and ball bearings. The drive is mounted on a gimbal (pivot) allowing the drive to move freely, compensating for misalignment and movement. The drive features 10 bolt mounting flange for the drum and a spline input shaft for hydraulic motor input (keyed input or output shafts are not permitted). The drive features splash lubrication of the planetary section and pressurized case drain oil in the spline motor/gear box interface.
Hydraulic motor, direct spline coupled to planetary drive with oscillating mount, 5000 psi maximum operating pressure. The motor is equipped with a case drain and SAE o-ring style ports.
Hydraulic pump, pressure compensated pump, capable of generating 3000 psi with a directional servo valve mounted on the pump to control speed and direction of the drum. Separate hydraulic control valves for drum speed and direction are not permitted. Pump is a closed-loop system with charge pump and replaceable high pressure charge filter. The pump is further equipped with a separate implement circuit to power optional hydraulic powered rear chute & hydraulic powered charge chute extension. Implement circuit shall work independently of the main circuit without effecting speed or direction of the drum. Pump is directly coupled to gasoline engine, belt and pulley drives prohibited.
Hydraulic reservoir, is fabricated from 1/8” carbon steel plate and features one 4” diameter inspection/cleanout cover. The reservoir is equipped with a return 1” NPT canister type filter and a stainless steel suction strainer with bypass. Two sight level gauges and vented fill cap are provided. All high pressure hose and fittings are rated at 2,500 psi and equipped with JIC type fittings. The reservoir is round in construction for maximum cooling surface area with a 6 gallon capacity.
Power Unit The unit is equipped with a Honda GX-630 (or equal) four cycle gasoline engine with a rated gross horsepower of 20.8. The engine shall be equipped electric start including a key switch, digital hour meter, manual choke and manual throttle control. The engine requires 12VDC electrical power from the chassis or installation of a separate battery. The engine is equipped with a 6 gallon EPA/CARB approved fuel tank a canister style muffler with vertical exhaust pipe. The engine is 50 state CARB and EPA certified. The engine is equipped with forced oil lubrication and replaceable canister style oil filter. The hydraulic pump powering the mixer drum shall be directly coupled to the output shaft of the gasoline engine. Belt and pulley drives are not permitted.
Drum Drum head is 1/4” thick spun carbon steel with reinforced machined flange to that mates to the planetary gear drive. Flange features and machined pilot with 10 each 5/8-11 tapped holes for attaching the gear drive. The drum and fins are fabricated from 3/16 high-strength carbon steel welded 100% inside and out. A trunnion support ring of 1” thick X 2” wide carbon steel is welded to the aft cone. Charging/discharge fins are two separate helix rotating 2.5 revolutions each over length of drum fabricated from 3/16” high strength carbon steel. In the belly of the drum, the fins are 12” tapering to 7” at the discharge end. The fins feature hardened steel rebar welded to the tips and fold over fins at discharge end. The fins are fully welded to drum and equipped with large wash holes approximately 12” apart. Two each bolt on surge fins are provided for even discharge of ready-mix concrete. A man way (22” X 28” oval) is located on front of drum for access interior and features 22 each 1/2 bolts to secure. The rear of the drum is supported by two carrier bearings, mounted on an adjustable pedestal. The bearings feature a hardened exterior with tapered roller bearings and lip seals for long life. The bearings are further protected by a felt disk on each side to prevent direct water spray. Each bearing features a grease zerk.
Frame Heavy-duty structural and plate steel frame electrically welded at all joints. The front pedestal is fabricated from 1/4” carbon steel formed to a rigid rectangle 12” wide x 72”. The pedestal is reinforced with a 1/2” carbon steel plate 18” X 11” with holes to accept the planetary drive unit. Additional gussets are installed and the entire unit fully welded. The rear tower is fabricated from formed steel plates creating two rigid steel columns connected by a common top plate. The entire structure is welded to a tubular steel frame and gusseted to the main frame with two each 2.5” X 1.5” structural steel tubes. The rear tower is equipped with a heavy-duty tubular steel bearing hoop with adjustable drum stop. The rear tower is further equipped with a removable discharge funnel complete with replaceable gum rubber bib. The mixer is attached to the chassis with eight (8) U-bolts minimum 5/8” diameter with cap plates. A treated wood crush plate is installed between the mixer body frame and truck chassis frame.
Discharge Chute A 24” wide discharge chute at drum, tapering to 12” wide on a rotating pedestal is provided. One each permanent mounted fold over extension chute 34” long is provided for a total reach of over 7’ (2.1 meters). The pedestal is equipped with two each 2” diameter replaceable oil impregnated bushing with grease zerk. The discharge chute pivots approximately 160 degrees and is equipped with a manual lock operable from either side of the unit. The lock is further equipped with a transport lock to insure the chute stays locked during over the road transit.
Access Platform Structural steel tube ladder leads to a non skid metal platform enclosed on two sides with square tube railing. The ladder rungs are fabricated from perforated non skid material. The ladder assembly is held to the main frame with 1/2" & 3/8” fasteners, permanent welded ladders not permitted. The ladder/platform assembly is powder coated safety yellow.
Water System The mixer is equipped with an 80 U.S. gallon zero pressure water tank is located on the front of the mixer frame. Sight gauges and fill ports are provided on both sides of tank. A 12VDC powered diaphragm pump delivers water at a rate of 4 GPM at a maximum pressure of 45 psi. System includes: 25’ hose, water nozzle, hose hook, water filter, tank drain. Plumbing is provided to inject water into rotating drum from the rear operations station for slump control.
Fenders Heavy-duty polyethylene fenders with structural steel brackets are provided.
Controls Electronic controls for speed and direction of drum, water pump (on/off) and optional power discharge chute control are located in the chassis cab and rear operators station. The controls are mounted in a waterproof aluminum box and feature MIL spec waterproof switches. The electrical system is equipped with a re-settable 30 amp circuit breaker.
Finish Unit is completely coated with self-etching primer and finished coated with a two component urethane finish. Mixers are standard one color white.
Parts and Service Manufacturer carries a complete inventory of parts available for shipment within 24 hours.
Warranty Mixer body carries a one year warranty against defective parts and workmanship. 
For details see: Terms of Sale and Warranty
Operators Manual One complete operators & parts manual will be supplied with the unit.  All operators of the mixer should read the operators manual in full prior to operation of the mixer. Serious injury or death may result from the improper or misuse of the mixer body. Questions concerning the operation of the Shortstop Mixers call (937) 325-9851, email:
Specifications In our continuing effort to make improvements, specifications are subject to change without notification.
Chassis Units can be installed on a conventional or cab forward chassis. Chassis requires a minimum 11,000-lb payload if the mixer is to be operated at full 2.0 yard capacity. Generally, a 19,000-lb GVW chassis will accommodate the mixer. Be sure to size the chassis to meet your DOT and chassis payload requirements. Final capacity of the mixer is based on weight of mixer chassis combination and weights of ready mixed concrete recipes.

Contact Ernest Industries for more information on chassis requirements.
Optional Equipment
SS2X Standard mixer unit less installation to chassis and excluding chassis u-bolts and wooden crush plate.
EXC-2 Export Crating. Mixer less chassis fully crated in 4” X 4” wood frame and covered with 7/16 OSB wood. Frame designed suitable for moving loaded crate with forklift.
OE2-2 Charge chute extension (manual), aluminum chute with quick attach feature for loading from standard height batch plant.
OE2-3 Charge chute extension, (hydraulic) with aluminum frame & gum rubber boot that hydraulically extends the charge chute approximately 30” for loading from a standard height batch plant. Limits rear discharge chute pivot to 120 degrees.
OE2-4 Additional (1) clip on discharge chute (34”) with frame mounted storage stand, requires OE2-1.
OE2-5 Additional (2) clip on discharge chutes (34” ea) with frame mounted storage stand, requires OE2-1.
OE2-6 Diesel engine, Hatz, single cylinder 14 HP diesel engine with electric start in lieu of standard gasoline engine.
OE2-7 Electric powered engine, 15 HP 230/460 V three phase powered with on/off control panel for permanent mounted pre-cast. Electric disconnect by others.
OE2-8 Totalizing water meter, in line water meter with LCD display re-settable.
OE2-9 Night lighting package, four each LED work lights mounted on rear of the unit.
OE2-10 Tool Box, chassis frame mounted, 24” X 24” X 18”H with lock, black.
OE2-11 Rotation Counter, electronic re-settable, mounted in chassis cab control box with LCD display.
OE2-12 Steel stand for pre-cast operations. Stand must be bolted to concrete floor.
OE2-13 Cart Plant Charge Chute, hinged discharge funnel for loading from a belt style cart plant. Seamless transition from cart trailer to ready mix truck deliveries.
OE2-14 Operator training, factory direct technician for a period of one day to instruct personnel in the operation and maintenance of the unit.
OE2-15 Spare parts inventory (basic), parts that will require replacement over normal operation of the unit.
OE2-16 Spare parts inventory (Class A) recommend for units exported. Includes basic kit plus a complete rear roller assembly, electronic actuator & complete set of electrical switches.
Shortstop 3.5 Loading System
Shortstop CS-125 Mini Cement Silo
SS2-HLC Unit installed on hook lift frame includes folding ladder assembly.