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CS-125 Cement Silo Specifications
Model CS-125 Silo
General The CS-125 Silo is a portable, self contained silo designed to store up to 11,000 lbs or dry bulk cement or other material to be used on job sites or in plant applications.  The silo features two large hinged weatherproof fill ports.  The silo is of all steel construction with a conical bottom with manual jam gate. A 7” diameter screw type conveyor with varying discharge heights is standard.  The unit is powered by a 13 HP air cooled gasoline engine & hydraulic system.  The silo is equipped with fork lift pockets to easily moved.
Length 13
Width 84"
Height 9' 2"
Volume 125 Square Feet
Empty Weight Approximately 4,000 lbs
Jam Gate A Jam gate assembly will be provided, the gate shall be fabricated from ¼” thick A36 steel with flanges on both ends.  The Jam gate shall bolt to the silo with a minimum 10 ten (10) 3/8 bolts. 
Fill Ports The CS-125 silo will be equipped with two each large hinged fill ports. The fill ports will be a minimum of 24” in diameter and feature a replaceable rubber gasket.  The lids shall be flanged to prevent water from entering. A welded neck ring shall be provided on the top of the silo, bolt on lid assemblies not permitted.
Frame The CS-125 silo will be supported by a heavy-duty structural steel frame work fabricated from 4” X 4” X 3/8” angle iron and reinforced  with cross bracing on three sides.  The frame work will be fully welded to the silo straight shell.  Heavy-duty sole plates shall be provided on each leg with 1” hole for rigid mounting.
Fork Lift Staves The silo will be equipped with two each fork lift pockets fabricated from 4” X 8” X ¼” rectangular tubing.  The spread on the fork lift pockets is 36” center to center.  Minimum 60” long forks are required and the silo weights approximately 4,000  lbs empty. Fork lift pockets are designed to move the silo empty. 
Conveyer A 7” screw type conveyor is provided to move material from the silo.  The conveyor is equipped with a direct dive hydraulic motor, flanged type bearings, seal plate with replaceable lip seal and bearing spacers.  The conveyor discharges at a fixed height of 5’1” (other discharge heights are available).  The screw conveyor will attach to the jam gate assembly with 10 each 3/8” bolts and sealed with waterproof silicon gasket.  The discharge of the conveyor will be 6” OD with provisions for attaching  6” lay flat style hose. The discharge speed of the conveyor shall be adjustable with a proportional valve at the control panel.  Cement discharge  will at a rate of up to  250 lbs/minute.  One  emergency shut down switch all be  located on the screw conveyor tube accessible from either side of the machine. Standard conveyor controls are manual on/off switch.
Engine Honda 13 HP gasoline engine, with electric start with 50 state EPA approved emissions.  Engine shall be complete with on/off switch, factory installed fuel tank and keyed output shaft.
Hydraulic Pump Directly coupled to the Honda engine / gear type hydraulic pump.
Fabricated from 1/4” carbon steel complete with filler/strainer/breather, return filter, inlet strainer, valve, sight gauge and baffle. The reservoir shall have a capacity of approximately 10 US gallons.  Hydraulic hoses will feature JIC type fittings, (no pipe fittings) and all hoses will be secured in vibration proof clamps.
Finish The entire unit is painted with self etching primer and a two component high gloss urethane finish. Standard color is gloss white.
Parts and Service Ernest Industries carries a complete inventory of parts available for immediate shipment with 24 hours.
Operators Manual One complete operators manual & parts list will be supplied with the unit.
Optional Equipment
OECS125-1 Time Based Metering Control
A time based metering controller complete with remote pendant shall be provided .  The timer is 12VDC powered and features key pad, LED readout and is NEMA IV rated for outdoors.  The control is time based and features calibration instructions and related excel spreadsheet for recipe generation.  The pendant control features a master on/off switch, cycle start and cycle stop push buttons.  The control box is NEMA IV rated and equipped with a magnetic base. The optional hydraulic vibrator is strongly recommend for time based batching system to insure consistent material flow. 
OECS125-2 Operator Platform
An operator platform and ladder assembly shall be provided.  The complete unit shall bolt to the main frame and be removable for transport.  The ladder will be fabricated from 1-1/4” square tubing with non skid perforated ladder rungs.  The platform shall be a non skid removable grate.  Hand railing will be provided on two sides of the ladder.
OECS125-3 Hydraulic Vibrator
Hydraulic vibrator, one each hydraulic powered vibrator attached to a  structural steel channel iron.  The unit will be attached to the cone section on the silo near the discharge.  The vibrator will activate simultaneously with the auger.  Hydraulic flow to the vibrator will be adjustable at the control panel with a proportional control valve.
OECS125-4 Diesel Engine
Optional diesel engine, Hatz 10 HP diesel with electric start.
OECS125-5 Electric Motor
Optional 10 HP electric motor 230/460 volt with NEMA IV controls. Disconnect by others.
OECS125-6 Electric Scale
Scale: The silo  equipped with a scale system.  The scale is complete with large LED readout and requires 110 volt AC power.
  Class A Spare Parts Inventory
Inventory of common replacement parts needed during normal operations of the machine.  Strongly recommend for export machines.